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A Selwyn College newsletter is published almost every Friday during the school year.  Copies are available from the main school office.  However, you can access these weekly newsletters below. If you would like to be emailed this link each week please contact Julie Arnold.
Selwyn Students Soar

We are thrilled to learn of the outstanding success of Brook & William Bennett (Mangopare) and Ben McLean (Pitau) from the Meadowbank Division of St John Youth. They placed first in every single event at the recently held District Competitions. They will now go on to be the District Representative Team at the St John Northern Regional Youth Competition, which will be held in September.  We are very proud of them all.Individual Medals1st Leadership - Brook Bennett1st Individual - William Bennett1st Team Pairs - Ben McLean and Preston Bennett Team Medals1st Team Aggregate1st Medical 1st Trauma1st Communication1st Drill 

Selwyn Musicians are Soaring

Last week, the Selwyn College Jazz Band and Concert Band performed at the annual KBB Music Festival.  The festival comprised of 143 ensembles and more than 4,000 students from 50 high schools in the greater Auckland region. There are four categories and this year saw 30 chamber orchestras, 24 symphony orchestras, 43 concert bands and 45 jazz big bands.We are thrilled to announce that both our Jazz Band and Concert Band received Silver Awards which is a fantastic achievement. This is only the 2nd year that the Concert Band has played at the festival in 16 years.  Last year they received a Bronze and have now followed this with a Silver which is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to our hardworking students.The adjudicators made the following positive comments about Selwyn’s ensembles: Jazz Band: ‘The band has a strong and tight rhythm and sax section, brilliant solos from a number of soloists. Great feel for the style of the music.’Concert Band: ‘Nice choice of repertoire and a musical performance, a crisp tight ensemble. A talented team.’  Our huge thanks go to our Jazz Band Director Hamish Arthur and Concert Band Director Rachel Larcombe and our dedicated Itinerant Music Teachers for all their hard work with these ensembles.We are also proud to say that Alex Botha was selected to play in the Honours Orchestra as percussionist. This ensemble was made up of a selection of players from throughout Auckland and performed together under the directorship of David Kay.  The orchestra performed Tchaikovsky – Music From Swan Lake Suite and Leonie Holmes – In The Lair Of The Cave Weta.

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