Congratulation to Our Top Year 9 Speechmakers!

Published on Friday, 18 May 2018, 3:02 p.m. Print Article

The annual Year 9 Speech finals were held last week. All Year 9 students had to research and create a two to three minute speech answering the question "is Shakespeare relevant to me?" Each class then chose one finalist to represent them in the competition. The quality of the speeches were fantastic and a wide range of views on a divisive topic. 

Every finalist spoke with such passion and enthusiasm, it was extremely difficult for the five judges to decide on the top three winners. Kristen Roxburgh took out the competition with an incredible performance and speech focusing on the lack of progressive values in Shakespeare's plays. Brianna Murgatroyd was second and Jesse Coleman was third.  All the finalists should be extremely proud of their efforts. Thank you to the judges and to all those who helped these students to Soar.

Left to right: Jesse Coleman, Kristen Roxburgh and Brianna Murgatroyd

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