Boys’ Cricket 1st XI Success

Published on Monday, 23 July 2018, 2:11 p.m. Print Article

Cricket at Selwyn is truly soaring! We recently learnt that our Boys’ 1st XI won the Auckland College Sport 1B Competition which has earnt them promotion to the top and most prestigious 1A competition in the season that begins later this year. The coach of the team is ex-Selwyn student Shane Goonasakera and the manager is Selwyn teacher Jane Holloway. We celebrated their success in the Principal’s Assembly at the end of Term 2 by inviting Glen Phillips, Auckland ACEs and New Zealand BLACK CAP to present their medals and awards.

A huge congratulations to the following players:

Kyrylo Bolharyn, Nicholas Butler, Samuel Couch, James Hari, Dinesh Kharel, Thomas Marshall, Kyaw Mya, Maung Mya, Adam Paulsen, Sumeet Singh, Samson Sola, Fergus Thielke, Finn Thielke and Kamal Kharel.

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