An Impressive Year 9 Speech Competition

Published on Friday, 30 July 2021, 2:08 p.m. Print Article

This week our year 9 cohort had the pleasure of listening to the top speaker from each core class presenting a speech on a pūrākau that is significant to them. The speakers covered some diverse stories, from their Whakapapa, to viral internet posts to body image. Our first place winner, Isabelle Ashman, of 9/9, delivered a powerful and emotive speech about how her mother inspires her and others to build empathy between different groups of people. Our overall place winners were:

1st Place: Isabelle Ashman

2nd Place: Caleb Jenkins

3rd Place: Riley Baxter

Congratulations to our top three place-winners and well done too, to all of our wonderful year 9 orators!

L to R: Caleb Jenkins, Isabelle Ashman and Riley Baxter

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