Selwyn Students Soar at MUNA

Published on Friday, 25 May 2018, 4:40 p.m. Print Article

Congratulations to the following students who soared to success at the Model United Nations Assembly, or MUNA, a two day mock UN General Assembly held last weekend, featuring 86 teams of Year 12 and 13 students from schools across the Auckland region. 

David Mossong, following in Keir Robinson’s footsteps from last year, received the Best Speaker Award.

Athena Brown, Coco Lance, and Alicia Murgatroyd won the Runner-up Best Team Award.

Each of the teams is tasked with speaking, lobbying, and voting on the interests of the nations they represent, as well as dressing in their nation’s traditional garments.

Three Selwyn teams attended: Athena Brown, Coco Lance, and Alicia Murgatroyd representing the Netherlands; Hugh Roxburgh, William Zhou, and Hamish Brown standing for Costa Rica; Frankie Pastiroff, Kate Schellekens, and David Mossong as the delegates of the Peoples Republic of China.

The bulk of the debate centred upon 5 remits: proposed new policies to be addressed by the General Assembly. Delegates wrestled with such thorny problems as denuclearisation, free trade, and the enforcement of women’s rights. Each team spoke on two of these issues, and animated debate raged throughout.

David Mossong reports:

‘MUNA 2018 was consistently engaging, but several events stand out.  First was an emergency debate on    whether or not to send peace keepers to hotspots in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Each delegation had to decide where they stood on the issue, and then each side was tasked with electing a nation to represent their views in a speech. China and Nigeria were selected to speak in favour, I was chosen as the main speaker. The opposing camp presented their arguments in the form of a song to thunderous applause. China closed with “You can’t keep rhythm, you can’t keep rhyme, you can’t keep the UN out this time.”  To even grater applause. The motion was carried.

Another stand out was the formation of a Communist Super-State under the edict of the Chinese delegation, which eventually included 23 formerly independent states. Unfortunately an amendment, which would have seen UN recognise the sovereignty of this new Utopia, was rejected by the Chair as not the business of the United Nations.

The experience was not only thoroughly educational, but great fun. Thanks to Mr O’Brien and Ms Urlich for facilitating our participation in this event, and to Ms Janes and the costume department for dressing us. We are all looking forward to Model United Nations Auckland 2019’.

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