Selwyn seizes the Supreme Award at MUNA 2022

Published on Friday, 5 August 2022, 2:52 p.m. Print Article

We are extremely proud and delighted to share with our community that a Selwyn team representing Peru won the Supreme Award at this year’s Model United Nations Assembly. This is an amazing feat as more than 100 schools participate.

MUNA simulates the working of the United Nations Assembly by having schools in teams of two or three Year 12 and 13 students represent a UN country in debates on matters of world politics and social concern.

The winning team was:

Zan Warren-Kazor      Taylor Zeeman      Sivakami Sathyendran

Taylor Zeeman writes, ‘The Model United Nations Assembly is a multiple day event used internationally for youth to discover the fascinations of politics and develop an understanding of others. This year we represented Peru and came home with the supreme award thanks to insightful understanding and an accurate representation of Peruvian political views. We also learned to network and connect with others; preparing ourselves for cooperation in our future careers. 

Altogether, we had three teams participate and Selwyn students stood out at the event for their confidence in public-speaking and ability to think on their feet and network with a diverse range of people. The two other teams were:

Senegal: Ben MacSweeney and Nicole Hua

Norway [Security Council and were voted Bloc Leader Western Europe]: Charlotte Paschalis and Jonathan Colwill


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