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A Selwyn College newsletter is published almost every Friday during the school year.  Copies are available from the main school office.  However, you can access these weekly newsletters below. If you would like to be emailed this link each week please contact Julie Arnold.
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HAIR - A Selwyn Show Like No Other

‘Hair’ - the 2019 Selwyn College Musical opened last Saturday to resounding acclaim!  It was always going to be extremely challenging for the Directors to come up with a production that matched the excellence of last year’s show ‘Dusty’ which won the iTicket Award for the Most Outstanding Musical in 2018. However, they have succeeded completely!These words on an email from Director Duncan Allan reveal his huge generosity of spirit and appreciation for his team, his deep commitment to the learning and personal development of our wonderful students and hisremarkable passion for his craft.‘It's been a huge 10 weeks bringing this show back to the stage for a 2019 audience. The whole team has been fantastic. The students are remarkable - Rachel & I are tremendously proud of them.We are also tremendously impressed by the professionalism, creative innovation and maturity shown by Jack Barnard (Vocal Director and former Selwyn student) & Jarrod Waiomio (Vocal Coach and also a member of our alumni). Along with Kim Santerelli (Choreographer) & Kate Janes, we have a truly dynamic production team here. On top of this, the last two weeks since Christchurch, have really been a remarkable period of growth for these students. The brave and honest discussions we had on camp revealed a maturity and resilience we were all very impressed by. All of this insight, perception and wisdom was invested back in to the show. It really has become a remarkable, bold and life-changing piece of theatre’.Duncan Allan, Rachel Larcombe - our Amazing Musical Director - and the Selwyn ‘Hair’ Company – WE SALUTE YOU! 

Announcing Our Head Students for 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce our Head Students for 2019 are Frankie Pastiroff and Adam Paulsen. These two outstanding Year 13 students were presented with their badges in the Principal’s Assembly today. Frankie: I'm an enthusiastic member of the Performing Arts programme and Ist XV Football team here at Selwyn. This year I'm aiming to push myself to take more risks in my role as Head Student in order to push myself as a student leader, all the while advocating for and facilitating the vibrant atmosphere present at Selwyn. Adam: I play Futsal for AFF Men’s National League team which won the New Zealand Men’s Futsal National League in 2018.  My goals for the year are to create an atmosphere at school whereby students love coming to school everyday and also to lead by example through my actions and inspire others to do the same.

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