Student Mediation Team

The R (Restorative) Team - healthy Relationships depend on us all making every effort to: reflect, respect, repair, restore, reintegrate
Selwyn has a long history of providing student mediation services and peer support for students across all levels. The R (Restorative) Teams purpose is to provide peer support and guidance for any student within the school who needs assistance with resolving relationship issues. Members of the team are trained in restorative practices & basic mediation skills and are a great first choice for helping with minor problems in your relationships. The students in the R Team are drawn from Years 12 and 13 and many have also taken an active role as peer supporters with Year 9 students. They regularly assist with restorative chats and mediation and are sometimes asked to be present at restorative conferences, usually in a support role. You can get hold of the R Team by checking out their pictures and contact details on notices around the school and in many mentor classes. You can also come to the counselling department and we will help you with setting up a meeting with a member of the R Team.