Helplines & Links

Where to get help

If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call 111.

Stuff to Help you Feel Better :)

Useful Websites
SPARX is a free online game designed by Auckland University to help you feel better.
A really useful website for finding out about depression. It’s factual and easy to navigate. The personal stories are honest, down-to-earth and inspiring.
The It Gets Better Project's mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.
This website is great for young people who want to support a friend who has had an unwanted sexual experience.
A useful and informative website for those who feel their drug or alcohol use is getting out of control.
An important website dedicated to preventing family violence. It includes Helpline numbers for people in crisis or needing other support and information about help for kids who witness family violence.
Rainbow Youth is an organisation dedicated to providing information, education, support and advocacy to gay young people, their friends, family and whanau.

Netsafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe and responsible use of online technologies. They promote cybersafety and champion digital citizenship by educating and supporting individuals, organisations and industry on a range of issues.

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