Student Office & Cashier

The Student Office is just past the Lewis Centre.

Student Office: A to Z – what is available for students

Address change
If you change your address or any contact details for your parents / caregivers (phone, email, and cell phone) drop in a note outlining the changes to the student office or email changes to us.

The student office will text / email / ring home if you are absent from school during period 1 and 2. You can email the attendance officer to notify us about absences.

Cashier (9 am to 2 pm)
For payment of school trips (see EOTC), curricular course costs (course fees; e.g. photography fee and set texts; e.g. Mathematics homework book) and co curricular costs (sport fee, performing arts, music, or other).

Payments can also be made online at any time through the parent portal Spider - if you do not have access to Spider please contact us.


Confiscated clothing may be collected on Friday after school.

Confiscated electronic items can be picked up at the end of the day.  If your equipment is confiscated a second time, then the only person who can collect it is your parent/guardian.

Late to school?

Bring a note from your parent / caregiver to explain why and report to the late desk at the Student Office for a late pass.

ID photo

Report to the student office if you do not have a student ID card or if you have lost your student ID card.

Lost property

Lost property may be found at the student office.

Medical or dental appointment

If you need to leave school earlier than 3.10pm for a medical, dental or other appointment: Bring an appointment card or letter from your parent / caregiver to explain why, and give it to your form teacher who will give you a leave pass. Sign out at the student office.

NZQA fees

Pay to the cashier between 9 a.m. - 2 pm.


A Year 10 student is called up daily to act as a runner for the Student Office.


The student office does not stock school stationery which must now be purchased at ‘Paperplus’, Eastridge or an alternate supplier (Warehouse Stationery etc). 


Pay for class trips at least one week in advance at the student office. No payments will be accepted on the day of the trip.

Uniform: wearing an incorrect item?

Report to your Head of House before 8.40 am to give a note from your parent of caregiver or explain the reason for the incorrect item. Your name will be taken and you will be sent to the Student Office who will give you an alternative item for the day if possible. The Head of House will issue you with a uniform pass which specifies the time frame that the incorrect item needs to be replaced. You must carry the pass with you at all times. Your incorrect clothing will be held by the student office until the uniform item you borrowed is returned clean.

Uniform: need PE gear or a 2nd hand uniform item?

PE gear and second hand clothing items can be purchased from the student office.