Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Selwyn families will be aware that the Selwyn College Foundation Trust was recently established by members of our alumni and friends of the school to raise funds to support the learning experiences and achievement of current and future students. 

The Foundation Trust welcomes donations from Selwyn families and friends of the school. Every dollar can make a difference for our students. Donations can be made via the school ensuring that they are clearly marked as going to the Selwyn College Foundation Trust Fund. 


Congratulations to Emma Montgomery and Flavius Suciu.


Congratulations to Pia Davis and David Mossong.


Congratulations to Samuel Lydamore-Prasad and Rishav Sarmah .


Congratulations to Roger Huang, Lucy Francks, Andrew Poutasi and Gene Brennan.

2019 Winners

Flavius Suciu
 Emma Montgomery

2018 Winners

Pia Davis
David Mossong

2017 Winners

Samuel Lydamore-Prasad
Rishav Sarmah

2016 Winners

 Roger Huang  
Lucy Francks
Andrew Poutasi 
Gene Brennan