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Policy on Refunds to International Students

  1. Students withdrawing from a course of study before completion under certain conditions are eligible for a full or part refund of unused (proportional) tuition fees.
  2. Applications for a refund of fees, clearly stating the reasons, would need to be submitted in writing to the Board of Trustees by parents or guardians of the student. If the application for a refund relates to a serious medical condition (either of the student or a close family member) medical certificates establishing the medical condition of the party concerned must be provided.
  3. If the application for a refund is made before the course applied for has started the College will make a full refund of fees less any administrative or material costs incurred in enrolling the student. Advice of a decision not to start a course must be received by the College at least one week before the actual start of a course of study.
  4. In the case of a student being asked to leave the College for failure to meet course requirements (including poor attendance, not writing assignments or homework, displaying a negative attitude to learning and not complying with school regulations) or breaching New Zealand Law the College will not make any refund of tuition fees.
  5. In the event of an International Student’s parent(s) obtaining a Work Permit or Permanent Residency status during a student’s course of study the College does not make a refund of any fees based on the change of parent(s) immigration status after the mid-point of the period that fees have been paid for.
  6. Students who leave the College during a course of study in order to enrol at another school do not qualify for a refund of any unused tuition fees.
  7. Students leaving before a course starts, or during the year, in every circumstance qualify for a full refund of unused home-stay fees less a minimum two weeks notice of intention to leave given to the host family, the ‘placement fee’ charged by the College, and any outstanding money owed to the host family (e.g. phone calls etc.).
  8. Refund of fees in full or in part refers only to tuition fees, and not to associated fees such as Exam Fees (NCEA), insurance premiums, special subject related fees such as class room materials or for special activities. These extra fees are not refundable.
  9. The College undertakes to treat every application for a refund of fees in a fair and sympathetic manner. Parents or guardians would be consulted by the College during the process of considering the merits of an application.
  10. Any refund made by the College will be remitted to the parents of the student, or to an agent appointed by the parents, not paid directly to the student.

This policy is written in accordance with provisions under Section 4B(7) of the Education Act (No. 4) of 1991.