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Welcome to Year 9 Music


During your semester of Year 9 Music you will cover the 
following aspects…             

 Understanding Music in Context 
This is when you identify and describe music associated with sound environments, in relation to historical (styles and eras), social and cultural contexts(cultures from different countries including our own
To explore how music serves a variety of purposes and functions in their lives and communities.

Developing Practical Knowledge  in MusicĀ­
This is when you apply knowledge of the elements of music, structural devices and technologies) through integrating aural, practical and theoretical skills. (learning to read notes, rhythms and symbols)

Developing Ideas in Music
This is when you create your own compositions (express develop and refine musical ideas using the elements of music, instruments and technologies) and represent sound and musical ideas in a variety of ways.

Communicating and Interpreting Music
This is when you prepare, rehearse, and present performances of music using performance skills and techniques.
This is when you reflect on the expressive qualities of your own and others’ music both live and recorded (when you listen to others playing on instruments.)

While you are studying junior music here at Selwyn College, you will have the opportunity to learn basic techniques on the Guitar, Ukulele or Keyboard or to further advance your current ability level through Itinerant Specialist Music  lessons where many instruments as available and you can 

If you have access to either one of these instruments to practice on at home it would greatly improve your progress.