A NZ Debating Champion and a Champion Team

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Debating is incredibly competitive and we are celebrating the success of Nicole Hua and the Senior Open team of Linda Pham, Alex Reid, Sivakami Sathyendran, Romir Talasu and Oliver Turin. These people have Soared at a Regional and National level.

Nicole Hua has been a member of the Auckland Debating Team who won the New Zealand Secondary Schools National Debating Championship. This is an incredible achievement. Nicole writes; A personal highlight of mine was the event’s immense sense of community and camaraderie, which was particularly apparent in the long-standing tradition of the formal dinner. Debating has played a massive role in uplifting my self confidence and improving my analytical skills. It has also made me more knowledgeable by incentivizing me to keep up with current events and gain knowledge in fields such as politics, history, economics, international relations and even sports! Thank you to all those involved in debating at Selwyn, I have loved this experience.

Congratulations to five year 11 students, Linda Pham, Alex Reid, Sivakami Sathyendran, Romir Talasu and Oliver Turin, who have achieved outstanding results in the Senior Open division of the Auckland Schools Debating Competition. As a result of their dedication and commitment, this talented group advanced to the final round of the competition with an uninterrupted winning streak. On 13 September, Linda, Alex and Sivakami delivered excellent speeches and defeated Auckland Grammar School, securing their title as undefeated champions. In addition to these achievements, Alex and Linda received a Top 10 Speaker Prize in recognition of their performances throughout the year. Special thanks to senior debaters Zan Warren Kazor and Nicole Hua for their coaching assistance.

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