Eth-letes Soar at the National Ethics Olympiad

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This week two Selwyn teams represented us in the National Ethics Olympiad. This is only the second year our students have participated and once again, they have performed extremely well. The teams from all over the country receive challenging ethical questions to consider which requires high level thinking, rapid processing and exceptional eloquence.

Selwyn teacher and co-coach Aliesha Simmons says; ‘Once again, Selwyn’s eth-letes were spectacular! The competition was much tougher than last year and both teams rose beautifully to address delicate subjects with empathy, care, and nuance’.

Our warmest congratulations to our Black team who came 2nd overall in Aotearoa/New Zealand and received an honourable mention from the judges. This team will now proceed to compete in the international finals:

They are Linda Pham, Cate Tipler, Jonathan Colwill, Alex Harbrow and Nicole Hua.

Our Grey team is made up of students from Years 10 and 11. They placed 5th overall which is also outstanding. They are Michael Lewis, Alex Reid, Sivakami Sathyendran, Sky Kristioglo and Nadia Denton.

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