Amphitheatre Project

To mark Selwyn’s 60th Anniversary, The Selwyn College Foundation has identified a new community project – ‘The Amphitheatre Project’ – which promises to be an exciting facility for both school students and the Auckland public.

What Is The Amphitheatre Project?

The Selwyn College Foundation Trust is seeking to raise funds for the construction of a state of the art, multipurpose amphitheatre seating around 300 people; overlooking Selwyn’s Pitcaithly field. Its location is symbolic, as Mr Pitcaithly was Principal when the school opened 60 years ago. The concept has been designed by a senior landscape architect from Auckland firm Jasmax to make the most of the natural environment, with planting to enhance the acoustics and give shape and form to the facility. Consideration is being given to a range of functional features including the stage, wings, entrances and exits, acoustics, water, 3 Phase power, a lighting tree, and portable rigging. This exciting new amphitheatre will be the perfect venue for people to enjoy a huge range of experiences including dance, musical and dramatic performances, oral presentations, sports games and special ceremonies – to name a few.
‘The Amphitheatre Project’ is being led by the recently formed Selwyn College Foundation, an independent charitable trust who are seeking to enhance Selwyn’s proud tradition of serving the needs of both its students and the wider Auckland community. Previous examples include:
  • The magnificent Selwyn Community Theatre 
  • The ASB Sports Stadium 
  • The new Selwyn Artificial Turf facility. 
  • The Selwyn Community Education Programme.

How Can You Help Make This Wonderful Project Succeed?

There are several ways in which members of the Auckland community can provide financial support. These include: • Purchase of the naming rights. • Purchase of a tile along the front of the stairs and seating, embossed with the name of the donor. The tiles on the seating are available for $2,000. The smaller tiles on the stairs are available for $750. • Acknowledged Donations. All donors will be acknowledged on a rotating electronic screen in the school foyer. Donations of more than $10,000 will be offered significant opportunities to profile their organisation/ family in recognition of their support.