New World

Every year at the end if the school year,  Remuera New World manager, Adrian Barkla, supports our refugees with punnets of strawberries and chocolates.  We are most grateful for this ongoing support throughout the year.  He has also donated many of the “Little Garden” plants for our student gardens, as well as donating a box of these seedlings to the Carol White Early Childhood Centre.  

Kings Plants Barn

REAF was very fortunate to be the recipients of the generosity of the Kings Plants Barn in Orakei.  They have donated several bags of compost, sheep pellets and organic soil mix to our garden beds.

Many families actively use this garden food to supplement weekly food, and find the beds great therapy to forget the hostilities they have experienced.  As well as many of our students have farmed in their countries of origin.  We are most grateful for these gift to our gardens.

Geoff and Trish Dalbeth

Geoff and Trish Dalbeth sponsored the translation into Farsi of State Insurance brochures on contents insurance and 3rd party vehicle insurance. The Afghani students now have a much keener appreciation of what insurance means and especially the dangers of not having 3rd party car insurance.

The Lottery Community Te Tahua Whakatinana Papakāinga

In September 2014 The Lottery Community Te Tahua Whakatinana Papakāinga granted us $20,000.00 to help with our Afghan and Burmese resettlement counseling programme.

How to Support Us

The Early Childhood Centre at REAF is a registered charity. All donations are tax deductible and receipts are provided. We would appreciate your donation at any time. Your help supports the work of the Centre as it continues to prepare refugee children for primary school. They leave the Centre with a strong grasp of English and the ability to fit seamlessly into the next stage of learning. Contact Margaret Chittenden about the easiest way for you to donate to the Centre. 521 9610 ext 698.
  The Carol White Family Centre trading as The Selwyn College Family and Children’s Centre Inc. Registration no. CC35529.
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