In this full year course students learn to cope with a variety of routine situations when talking to Spanish speakers. Topics such as School, Travel, Shopping, Eating and Drinking, and Festivals are explored. At the end of the course, students are assessed at Curriculum Levels 4 and 5. By the end of Year 10 Spanish students will be fully prepared to move on to Spanish in Year 11 to complete NCEA Level 1.


Level 1

Course Description: This course aims to develop students’ social competence in Spanish. They will learn to express their own opinion and describe past and future events. Students will create a portfolio that contains examples of written and spoken work focused on areas of most immediate relevance. They will also prepare and present a speech in response to a given prompt.
Entry requirements: Students need to have taken Year 10 Spanish or have equivalent prior knowledge of the language.

Level 2

Course Description: This course aims to develop students communicative competence and cultural knowledge. Students are expected to begin to engage in sustained interactions and produce increasingly extended texts, in which they explore the views of others, develop and share personal perspectives and justify, support or challenge ideas and opinions in different situations. Students are expected to begin responding critically to more extended and varied text types on familiar matters. 

Entry requirements: Level 1 Spanish, or at the discretion of the LOLA.

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