This course aims to encourage a greater confidence and enjoyment of reading. Students will improve their use of reading strategies to gain meaning from text and develop their writing skills. The students are taught in small groups or individually by teachers, with the support of teacher aides and volunteers from the community. A wide range of topics and resources are used to meet the learning needs of the students, who are selected through diagnostic testing or referred by deans, subject teachers, parents or their own request. 
In Accordance with the New Zealand Curriculum the following Key Competencies are also focussed on:
  • Thinking
  • Managing self
  • Relating to others
  • Participating and contributing
  • Using language, symbols and texts
The programmes are varied according to student and curriculum support  needs so a definitive calendar is not followed. However Diagnostic Testing is done at the beginning of the year through e-Asttle and CARS.

These assessments  are repeated mid-year and end of year. Results are aligned to the National Standards for Literacy.
Reading Strategies are taught over these specific learning objectives.

Thematic topics such as Matariki, Easter, ANZACS, Cutural festivals , Christmas are used as resource material at appropriate calendar times. Other curriculum support topics in Science and Social Studies are also followed in accordance to student support needs.

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