Accounting gives students the tools to make real life financial decisions in a constantly changing and uncertain world. It is the process of preparing and communicating financial information to a wide range of users. Accounting helps to enhance financial literacy and helps individuals and organisations to be accountable to stakeholders for their actions.


Students will learn how to process financial information to prepare financial statements. They will analyse the financial statements and learn how to give advice to interested users of the financial information. Students can gain literacy and numeracy credits from accounting.

Level 1

In addition to the above, students will also focus on understanding the key concepts of accounting, learning how to budget and make financial decisions.

Level 2

Students will learn how topical issues affect accounting and key stakeholders, how to process financial information using Xero cloud based software and how to manage inventory.


Accounting can lead to a range of further study options and career opportunities including jobs in:
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Auditing
  • Law
  • Politics