History examines the past to understand the present.


History encompasses events occurring in New Zealand and/or global events involving or influencing New Zealanders. Historical scholarship encourages students to look for points of connection and for similarities and differences, and to focus on research that transcends the boundaries of nation states. Students are encouraged to question accepted interpretations of the past and to consider contesting theories of historians and commentators. This emphasis reflects contemporary historical scholarship.


Level 1

The level one History course aims to develop an historical understanding of some major trends and developments in the 20th century – in New Zealand society and beyond. Year 11 History also aims to develop a critical understanding of ourselves as New Zealanders – our heritage, cultures and shared values – and an awareness of New Zealand in the world, an understanding of other people in different times and places.


Level 2

The level two History course aims to develop an understanding of some of the major forces which have shaped the modern world. We look at an understanding of the causes and consequences of past actions and events. The course also looks at the factors which have contributed to group identity and the ability to enter imaginatively into events of the past and empathise with the views of people in the past.


Level 3

The level three History course is designed to recognise the developing maturity and perception of students at this level and requires students to explore issues in depth with more historical insight than at earlier levels. 


  • Heritage manager
  • Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
  • Museum education officer
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Academic librarian
  • Archivist
  • Journalist
  • Archaeologist
  • Solicitor/lawyer