Multi-Materials Technology

Multi-materials is about the understanding of the properties, performance characteristics and aesthetics of materials in a range of product applications. Students use the design process to design, develop and produce a prototype through collaboration with stakeholders.

Aim of the Course

This is a Technology Achievement Standards course that enables students to develop their communication, research, analytical thinking and modelling skills in order to design unique outcomes to meet the needs of a range of stakeholders, whilst also taking into consideration wider environmental factors that will determine the outcome’s success. Students may also investigate the work of influential designers and examine historical, cultural and contemporary aspects of design for inspiration. Students explore the properties and performance of a range of materials to enable them to justify their selection for their products. Trialling of a range of  techniques also informs design development and the quality of the end of outcome. Students will develop their confidence with a range of practical material skills and apply them to the production of a prototype following a design process from brief through to final outcome and evaluation. 


  • Product designer
  • Spatial designer
  • Architect
  • Furniture designer
  • Set designer
  • Industrial designer