At Selwyn College, we provide a Wifi network and students are required to bring their own electronic devices from day one to support their learning.  We do not recommend a particular device because students’ needs differ. However, we do offer the following guidelines.
All our students are provided with a google apps account with 25GB of cloud-based storage to access word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, email and basic image manipulation through a browser. The performance of googleapps varies on different devices so this can be a good test to discriminate between devices.
Beyond this, the ideal device for school use
  • enables word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, image manipulation, video and audio editing
  • has some form of keyboard for typing (built-in or external)
  • is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use
  • has a protective carrying case
  • has 4-8 hours of battery power (or preferably more) and easy options for recharging
  • has built-in wireless capability 
  • has a common web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • is flexible, with USB ports and other options for expansion and connectivity
  • has some form of antivirus/anti-spyware protection


If you are considering purchasing a new computer, it’s important to keep in mind what it might be used for. For example, photography students will need more processing power and storage than a computer that is used for general word processing and web browsing. However, even cheaper laptops are capable of running fairly demanding software.
While there are times when a smart phone or handheld device is an appropriate tool for a specific purpose, there are limitations that should be considered as well. One obvious problem is screen size. A small screen means it is harder to manipulate text or images than on a laptop, tablet or netbook. Lack of a physical keyboard on a handheld device makes any form of word processing much less efficient.
While we do not mandate any specific models, here are some suggestions:
  • Budget: Chromebooks, Netbooks or tablets with 2-4GB RAM and 16GB hard drive
  • Mid range: laptops with 4GB RAM, 500GB – 1TB hard drive
  • High end: laptops with 8GB of RAM and 500GB – 1TB hard drive with Windows or Mac OS
Pricing is indicative only, and will vary/change with time, model, manufacturer and dealer
These or similar models are all available through PBTech or any other dealer in Auckland. Options such as extended warranties should be considered for computers which are going to be used on a daily basis at school.  
When considering a device, please also bear in mind that students are responsible for ensuring that it is kept in good working order. Our IT Team can provide limited assistance with configuring the devices onto the wireless network, but cannot provide in-depth ongoing technical support.
If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact Clare Linzey, Deputy Principal by email: