Badminton is a popular sport at Selwyn College and there are a range of opportunities to get involved in the sport – whether you are an experienced player looking for a competitive challenge, a beginner looking to learn how to play or anywhere in between.
Selwyn College runs three badminton programmes:
  1. Competitive Inter-School Programme
    We select teams to compete in the CollegeSport Aucklandd Badminton competition run at the Auckland Badminton Centre in Gillies Ave.  Trials are heldd at the end of terrm 1 and the competition runs through Term 2 and 3.
  2. Learn to Play/Development Coaching Programme
    The option is aimed at newer players or those looking to develop their skills.  Run on a Wednesday morning, an Auckland Badminton coach is brought in to work with players on improving their skills and teaching new players the game.
  3. Selwyn Badminton League
    The Selwyn Badminton League caters for those players who are looking for a more social experience and to those who aren’t selected for the school representative teams.  Run on a Friday after school in the stadium, students make up their own teams of 4-5 to compete.



Selwyn College selects our top players into teams to represent the school in the College Sport Auckland badminton competition.  The competition runs during terms 2 and 3 at the Auckland Badminton centre on weekday afternoon, depending on the grade.  All representative teams train with an Auckland Badminton coach on a Wednesday morning.

The cost of the programme is $60 per term and this covers coaching, shuttles and the entry fee.
Players need to make their own way to and from the Auckland Badminton Centre on their match day and it is required that one parent per team act as the Team Manager (parents can rotate each week if they wish).
Trials for the representative teams are held on the last two Wednesdays of Term 1 and a registration form will be advertised throughout the school.


The Learn to Play / Development Programme is aimed at teaching interested students who are new to the game how to play badminton, and to help those players who are keen to develop their skills.

The programme runs on a Wednesday morning in Terms 2 and 3, and is coached by a professional Auckland Badminton Coach.
The cost of the programme is $50 per term.


The Selwyn Badminton League (Term 2 and 3) is hugely popular and runs at the capacity of 16 teams each term.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience competitive badminton in a social environment with no travel requirements.

Students make up their own teams of 4-5 players and 3 play each week in a series of three doubles matches.  The league run on Friday after school from 3.15-4.30pm.
The cost to play in the league is $5 per player per term.