Selwyn College will be premiering fencing in 2022.

Fencing develops self-discipline, gross and fine motor skills, muscle coordination and powers of concentration. 
It is both an individual and team sport, relying on an individual’s skills and ability to complement each team member’s strengths to succeed in team bouts. Students will learn the art of foil, one of the three weapons in fencing. They will have the opportunity later in the year to have a taste of the other two weapons sabre and epee.
Coaching is provided by Rory Ogg, head coach of Pulse Fencing.  During the year students will learn:·        
Safety rules and sportsmanship·         
Introduction to fencing etiquette·         
Basic eye-hand-foot work – salute, on-guard, advance, retreat, and lunge·         
Basic distance control·         
Basic parry combinations


The team will be building towards competing in the Auckland Secondary school competition circuit that runs throughout the year.

Training – Wednesday mornings 7.30am – 9am
What to bring – Drink bottle, Sports shoes, sports clothes (long pants).
Cost $50